We offer you a spacious area of the ex mill with the park garden for:

• Wedding in one place – ceremony and party – in rustic (vintage) style / „boho style“;
Themed events (provence, ancient times, middle age, renaissance, first republic, western, boats and pirates etc.)
• Company meetings, training, workshops
• Crafting, relax – exercising weekend
• Private music or cultural production
• Taking photographs, filming

On site there is the main office of our company, which specializes in lending furniture, props and decorations.

We have been organizing events for over 20 years and we can organize up to 500 contracts a year.

We have been doing weddings for 4years and we have managed more than 90.

We can use our experience to prepare events according to your wishes.


Availability calendar

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                                                                HISTORICAL MILL ROOM

                                                                To get to the first floor you can use the original stone stairs from the entrance hall with historical marble floor.

                                                                The hall on the ground flooris an authentic room with original mill technology, stone walls which make the room nice and cool in summer.

                                                                On the other hand the hall on the first floor is full of light and wood, board floor and original ceiling, vertical beams, factory windows and some mill machines.

                                                                All indoor areas are strictly non- smoking. Smoking is possible outside and under pergolas.

                                                                MILL ROOM – GROUND FLOOR

                                                                • Main bar, beer tap, fridge, freezer. It can be used by a catering provider or you can run the bar yourself.

                                                                • Big tables from waxed wood, they can be placed according to some variants.

                                                                • Lights, piano with added sound, free Wi – fi

                                                                • Well – preserved part of mill technology. Next to the wall there are two big tables, partially covered with glass so you can see the original parts.

                                                                • Walking passage from the garden to the courtyard.

                                                                • Entrance to the room for newlyweds.

                                                                • Base for self catering and storing your own delivered food, storage of the dishes and dishwasher.

                                                                • Men´s and women´s toilets with showers, toiled for disabled people.

                                                                MILL ROOM – FIRST FLOOR

                                                                It is equipped with furniture as a stylish cafe for 40people, it can be reorganized to have a dinner/ meal there (80places).

                                                                Several sofas and armchairs.

                                                                • In many weddings, this room was used as a base for the bride and her preparations and later as a resting room for family members and friends.

                                                                • Textile dividers – curtains between beams.

                                                                • Original well preserved mill machines.

                                                                • In the hall there is a small kitchen with basic equipment.


                                                                • Pergola – stage 8 x 4m, dancing floor in front of it.

                                                                • Bulb light chains on pergolas, lights on the fence, by the grills.

                                                                • Roof for grills. Smoking club.

                                                                • Corner with benches under the Catalpa tree and few more benches under the Lime tree.


                                                                In the barn there is a walking passage connecting the courtyard and the garden. You can use it for a photo corner, the rest is used as storage for the decorations (mainly wedding bows and tents) and garden games.


                                                                The garden, designed in natural style and its size around 10 000 m2 welcomes you to enjoy your unforgettable day in complete privacy. Plants´flower beds with a colourful set of flowers, from decorative woody plants to meadow flowers, constantly surrounded by butterflies and bees are in contrast with grass sunny areas where you can run. On the other hand shadowy non maintained corners offer you opportunity to stop and think. It is easy to get out away from the party.

                                                                The garden is the place where weddings usually start and guests are directed to go there first. You can get to the garden through lime tree alley, where we offer a spacious parking space.

                                                                In the garden you can use:

                                                                • Pergola with seats, campfire

                                                                • Outdoor furniture

                                                                • Swings

                                                                • Corner with willows and statue of Venus

                                                                • Chessboard, big garden chess pieces and other games available

                                                                • You can build tents there

                                                                SMOKING CLUB

                                                                A retro sitting room built into the pergola in the courtyard is suitable for approximately 15 – 20 guests, sofas, armchairs, mahagon bar. It is allowed to smoke in there (unlike in other indoor rooms), cigarettes, cigars or water pipes. You can organize a whiskey bar there, tasting of destilates or wines or different types of catering. Some guests can rest/relax there until the next morning. We can decorate this place for you in different styles, for example – Irish Pub, Havana club, 1930s, oriental salon etc.

                                                                NEWLY WEDS´ CHAMBER

                                                                From the mill room in the ground floor you can enter the house above mill race which used to be used for operating. This house was renovated into a romantic room with the view of the mill race. Its dominant decoration is an original Francis turbine. This little room is suitable for the bride and groom to rest, there is a functional part – an iron bath and double bed.


                                                                By adapting the stys to two rest rooms, we tried to preserve the original form and underline it with new accessories. Both wooden beds have mattresses, an extra bed can be a sofa bed, stroller or travel cot.

                                                                PARKING AND ARRIVAL ALUMINUM

                                                                Parking space in a large grassy parking lot is sufficient for up to sixty cars.


                                                                The interior is a private space. Use is only possible for film, advertising and private photography.